FLAVORED TEAS – what you need to know

Flavored teas are a blend of a base tea – black, green, oolong or white together with herbs, fruits and flavoring. Some teas are just a base tea with a flavoring, like our Black Cherry. In addition enhancements are added to improve the visual appearance and entice you to buy, but do not really change the flavor.

More complex blends can have more than 15 ingredients with no flavoring or just a small amount to complete the final taste. Divine Temple is a good example with the following ingredients:

White & green tea (blend of 7 different types), jasmine, mango bits, pineapple bits, papaya bits, orange peels, strawberry bits, red currants, sour cherry bits, apricot bits and natural flavoring.

Earl Grey is a tea that originates in England and consists of a base tea, normally black, and an oil type flavor of bergamot (a citrus fruit) with a very characteristic strong aroma. Many blends rely on the flavoring to sell the product but use an inferior base tea giving an infusion that lacks total flavor and is bitter. I believe we have one of the best Earl Greys as it has a natural organic flavoring on a high graded organic Chinese black tea.

Pu Erh is a famous fermented (aged) blackish Oolong that many tea books list as a medicinal tea. The earthy vegetative aroma and taste put off many people from trying. With the addition of fairly strong herbs & flavoring it can be changed to a very drinkable tea and I refer to it as the morning after tea. If you have had some bad food or over indulged it really helps your stomach recover and we always take my favorite, Mint Vanilla, when travelling. It is so effective that many chemotherapy patients find it helps reduce sickness. We also offer a ginger version as well as a strawberry/mango (French Kiss).

SO when you consider buying a flavored tea, look at the ingredients to see if the blender has tried to come up with a really special assortment that may give you a new favorite tea.




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