Tealeaves Newsletter: May 2013

May 2013

Mum Clip Art    


Mother’s Day


Bring your  Mum (or in Law) to Tealeaves for a Tea Party on the Sunday or when it is quieter the days before.


The Royal is the only party available on the Sunday, when your Mother will receive a special flower.


Check out our web site link below and call 720

851 6099 to make a reservation.

Party Information 



Georgian Old Lady


I am still including this link as I think it is so interesting for Tea Lovers to watch. I really encourage you to watch this video as it will give you a good understanding of how tea is processed at a basic level. If you don’t have time to watch all of the video, jump in to around the 7 minute mark and you will see the Old Lady. Fascinating!


GOL video

Dear Tea Lover,

Greetings from England – we are visiting Lynne’s 93 old Mum.

Our 1st Flush from Darjeeling is different this year, it is a White Darjeeling. I could not find a good 1st Flush like last year and was in despair until this fantastic white sample arrived. Full details below.

Still some vacancies for Tea parties on Mothers Day weekend and we have a large array of suitable gifts for Mum.
We have totally rearranged the back room area with two new extendable glass tables and improved lighting. The tables give us the ability to have a long table with chairs for 16 and different layouts using the 4 or 6 feet lengths. We also now have two small round tables and one in the corner has already become the cosy one!
Finally an article from the English Daily Mail on milk in tea. For those customers who know me they know my answer will be ”no milk at all”.


Darjeeling White – “Moonshine”
- Glenburn Estate India


This was harvested in the first few days of the new season, early March 2013, from a clonal bush (see at the bottom of the page if  you want to know more) and only the tender shoots are carefully picked by experienced pluckers. The leaves are handled very gently in small batches and the rolling is lighter with less pressure on the leaf with less juices being oxidized.

This results in a white tea with the character of a 1st Flush. The resulting tea has a lemon yellow infusion and a delicate, crisp, refined taste on the palate with a floral, slightly earthy and with citrus notes – my favorite tea at the moment and in my opinion better than last year’s Darjeeling. Try with a discount of 15% until May 19th with password of “Moonshine”

 Peach Mojito


This tea is from the supplier of the Mojito being discontinued and has a good peach enhancement that I believe will be far more popular. Lynne’s brother has just returned from Cuba (he lives in England!) and this was his drink of choice on the island that is forbidden for us Americans!


Ingredients: Black tea from China, pineapple, lemon and peach bits, spearmint, calendula and rose petals and flavoring.Try with  a discount of 25% until May 19th with password of “Cuba”

 Mothers Day Gifts


We have found some great cups & saucers and mugs in porcelain and at
the moment have 8 different designs of both at $38 for the cups &
saucers and $30 for mugs –  in gift boxes.

C$S plus mugs collage

 Another possibility is a set of 4 small cups & saucers with a teapot in your color choice for $24. This can be used as a practical child’s set, especially with Grandma!


Cheap tea set

Milk in TEA

So my advice is still the same – find a tea that you don’t have to put in milk and sugar and you won’t lose the health benefits. On the comments at the bottom it is very interesting to see that parents influenced current tea drinking by making children drink tea when they were ill, and in most cases it was herbal. - Rob

From the Daily Mail (an English tabloid)

So how do YOU like your cup of tea? Britain divided on how much milk to put in your cuppa

  • Nation typically brews up three-and-a-half times a day, charity poll reveals
  • Older people’s charity WRVS said 35% of people like tea to be mid-brown
  • Only 3% prefer tea milky 
  • 7% are so picky they won’t let anyone else make it

With coffee shops springing up across the country, it seemed Britain’s reputation as a nation of tea drinkers was under strain. But a study has revealed that our love affair with the cuppa is still as strong as ever.

We typically brew up three-and-a-half times a day, although one in four thirsty Britons will get through five cups or more.


Milk in TEA

Scots have the sweetest teeth, with 41 per cent taking sugar in their tea compared to just 26 per cent in Yorkshire.

Unsurprisingly, tea was seen as a comfort drink – 43 per cent of people claimed they feel better after a brew.

Almost a third said that if a friend received bad news they would offer to put the kettle on.

Comments on the article:

As a child I was only ever given tea when I was sick. As a result it doesn’t matter what you put in it, I can’t stand the stuff…even the smell makes me feel sick.

@finkelstein, what you say may well be true, but most people dont drink a brew because its ‘good’ for you, more a case of they drink a cuppa, in the way they prefer, because they enjoy it :) and the best tasting cup is the one of an evening, everythings done and dusted, and you can sink back and relaaaaaaaaax :D

best way

good cuppa, by my standards, is strong and sweet; a splash of milk, if there’s any in the fridge, with two sugars minimum. My friend on the other hand will pour milk in until its almost white and thinks sugar in tea is blasphemy.love a cup of tea and I don’t care how much milk is in it as long as there’s a digestive :)

Don’t people know these days that milk should NEVER be added to tea or cocoa, or even drunk within one hour of a cup of tea? The milk totally ruins the antioxidant effects of tea and cocoa by causing chemical reactions with them. The main benefits of tea and cocoa come from their antioxidant effects. If you add milk, you may as well not bother drinking tea at all. I don’t drink milk or eat cheese or yoghurt within at least 1 hour of drinking tea or cocoa. I know the Milk Marketing Board will hate me for this, but I am compelled to speak the truth.

Never put milk in at all. That spoils a good cup of tea!


Darjeeling White Bushes.


From the Manager of the Glenburn plantation.

 The Darjeeling White uses an AV2 type of clonal tea bush that we have planted at Glenburn that produces very good flavor tea, even though it is not very good under drought conditions, and not very high yielding.  

The original tea bushes in Darjeeling were either Chinese or Assam in variety.  Nowadays we use “clones” for replanting the old bushes, which are basically vegetative leaf cuttings that come from a particular “Mother” bush that is known for certain characteristics like good taste, resistant to drought, high yielding etc.  

The AV2 bush produces some of our best Glenburn teas in terms of flavor, and so we use these fields to produce the very delicate flavor some teas like Moonshine and Sunshine Bloom.  However the word clone has nothing to do with genetic engineering.  It just means that all cuttings that come from a mother bush, that are planted in a new field will be identical (hence the word clones) as opposed to planting a tea bush using a tea seed which will produce a bush that could be different from its neighbor.


18551 Mainstreet Parker CO 80134

 720 851 6099 






Tuesday to Friday

9:30 to 5:30

9:30 to 5


11 to 3:30

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Owners -

Rob & Lynne Ridge

Manager -

Robin Campbell


Rob’s e mail

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TeaMail – April 2013

Mothers Day  

Mother’s Day

 Bring your  Mum (or in Law) to Tealeaves for a Tea Party on the Sunday or when it is quieter the days before.

The Royal  is the only party available on the Sunday, when the Mother will receive a special flower.

Check out our web site link below and call

720 851 6099 to make a reservation.

Party Information 

Elements logo  


Georgian Old Lady

I really encourage you to watch this video as it will give you a good understanding of how tea is processed at a basic level. If you don’t have time to watch all of the video, jump in to around the 7 minute mark and you will see the Old Lady. Fascinating!

GOL video

April 2013

Dear Tea Lover,

We had a great visit to the  Chicago Housewares Show and found several new suppliers – one has a unique stainless steel Travel Mug and  another some amazing boxed tea sets, cups & saucers and porcelain mugs, at very attractive prices. We also found a new Travel Electric Kettle and an Electric Brewing Set – see all these below. All of these will be available for Tea Lovers with a 15% discount from Friday April12th to Sunday April 14th – Password – “Thanks Mum”
We will be offering our Tea Parties for Mother’s Day and the days before. On the Sunday only the Royal Tea party will be available and the Mother(s) will receive a special flower. If you have an interest I suggest you book fairly soon.
See the comments I have on our next door neighbor Elements below and the very special offer.

The Aladdin travel Mug has been extremely popular BUT some people do not like plastic and they want the tea to stay warmer longer. This travel mug has been on the market for around 2 months. The infuser has a fine mesh with a press feature that pushes the tea to the bottom, that has no holes, and stops the brewing. Has a double wall for great heat retention and  leak proof flip top lid.

Costs $35 – available in the colors above as well as chrome and black. 15% off until the end of April – Password “Planet”.


Tea Sets
There are 6 cups & saucers, mainly gold & silver patterns, in a set with a gift box and we currently have 8 different designs.

These are priced at $38 which is amazing as the quality is extremely good. Great gifts for Mum.

Goldstar C&S

The mugs sets are  also in 6′s, eight designs in porcelain, in a gift box at a cost of $30.

  Goldstar Mug
15 piece Tea Sets
We also have two different designs of a 15 piece tea set with a teapot, sugar & creamer and 6 cups and saucers. Incredible at this price level. Limited stock before Mothers Day.

!5 pc Tea Set

3 piece Brewing Set
This includes an attractive electric kettle, a glass teapot with a removable fine mesh infuser and a tray/hot plate. Sells for $72.

Goldstar Brewing set

Travel Electric Kettle

Travel Kettle

This is a 34 oz travel kettle that has the element molded into the bottom and heats up very fast having a 1000 watt heater – Selling at $28. Very popular with college students.

Elements logo

Rob’s experience at Elements Massage Therapists.

I have never been keen on “pampering” myself by going for a massage to help me relax and tone up my body.

I injured my back in 2012 and tried to restore it to normal by exercising and then going to the hospital for physiotherapy. This did not seem to help and the cost was unbelievable!

Craig, the owner of Elements, next door to Tealeaves, finally persuaded me to try a therapeutic massage to see if it helped. It was not an overnight success, but persevering, and trying different deep tissue therapists has convinced me of the advantages of massage. It takes a little time to find the right therapist for you, not just chemistry, but different styles. I now have my two favorites that can really give me a work over that has really helped me recover and they have also suggested some exercises.

SO if you have an injury or aches and pains, why not give Elements a try, even for a pampering! Take one of Craig’s cards with my signature from the notice board  and stop by to arrange a massage at a very special discounted price. Lowest I have seen at $39 for a 55 minute massage, for first time visitors only. Rob

18551 Mainstreet Parker CO 80134
720 851 6099

Closed Monday
Tuesday to Friday 9:30 to 5:30
Saturday 9:30 to 5
Sunday 11 to 3:30

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 Owners – Rob & Lynne Ridge
Manager – Robin Campbell

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TeaMail – March 2013 Teas and Tea Updates

Heading with Club

March 2013

Dear Tea Lover,

The main “thrust” of the TeA-mail is Tea for Coffee Drinkers!

I appreciate that some of you drink both, I drank mainly coffee when we started Tealeaves 11 years ago! Help your friends convert?

Apart from some highly caffeinated teas we have a blend of Tea and Coffee that prevents drinkers from going cold turkey – see below for the types and health benefits.

Discount for the blends and the specified teas for coffee drinkers will be 25% off for the caddies and the trial size at $3 instead of $4.  Password – “Healthy” until March 24th.


St Patrick’s

We will be offering a GREEN Sandwich on 16th and 17th March.

This will consist of cucumber, lettuce, avocado and green pepper!

Special Price of $6.95 with choice of Salad or fruit.

Obviously we have many green teas!



Mother’s day

This year we will again have a special Tea Party for Mother’s Day.

Limited availability & will held on May 9th, 10th and the 11th. Full details next in the April issue and reservations will be taken now.

Cost of $35.


Georgian Old Lady

I really encourage you to watch this video as it will give you a good understanding how tea is processed at a basic level. If you don’t have time to watch all of the video, jump in to around the 7 minute mark and you will see the Old Lady. Fascinating!


Free Pot of TEA

Introduce your friend(s) to the Tealeaves experience with the coupon below. Cut out or smart phone! First time visitors only.

Join them and also get a free pot.

Free pot of tea
Free pot friend


Tea Parties

Book a party for five or more before the end of March, to be held by June 30th (excludes Mother’s Day Parties) and get one person FREE – link below

Password “FUN”

Party Types


On to the rest of the March Tea Mail!

We have found a new Taiwanese Oolong supplier – I met Thomas Shu at a conference and he imports high quality oolongs and is known in the industry as the “Ambassador for Taiwanese tea”. See below for information on the Pouchong, Milky Oolong and the Oriental Beauty.  There will be a discount of 20% on the Oolongs until March 24th. Password “THOMAS”

Lynne and I had a successful trip to the Housewares Show in Chicago and found several new products that will be announced in April. One is a recently launched stainless steel travel mug that has a stop brew feature – will arrive in the Cafe at the end of the week.

New Oolongs

Bao Zhong – Pouchong
This is an excellent oolong, similar to the High Mountain that ha been discontinued – grown at 1500 feet in the Wenshan district of Taiwan. Cultivar (type of plant) is Chinsing. Oxidized around 8 to 12%. The rolling produces a natural curly processed leaf. Natural floral flavor with a pure clear taste. Infuse 2 to 3 times and use more volume than usual as it is very “fluffy”.
Pouchong 2

Jin Suang – Milky Oolong

This is very smooth oolong that comes from the Yilan district of Taiwan – grown at around 1300 feet and from the Jin Suang cultivar. Oxidized 15 to 18% and rolled using a canvas wrap , producing a semi ball shape. It has a floral aroma with a slight milk flavor – this is the opposite to the Pouching as you don’t need the normal volume because of its density. Infuse 2 to 3 times.

Mikly Oolong 2

Oriental Beauty  - White Tip Oolong

This has become one of my favorite “blackish” oolongs with a unique flavor that reminds me of a 1st flush Darjeeling, but stronger, a little fruity and earthy. From the Miaoli district of Taiwan and grown at 900 to 1200 feet and oxidized around 60 to 65%. Cultivar is Chinsing Dahpang. I believe the unique intense & complex flavor partly comes from the “kiss” of the green leaf hoppers visiting the tea gardens. The first taste of this tea is really intriguing and then it really develops your interest. One of the true champagne teas from Taiwan.


Oriental Beauty 2


Tea for Coffee Drinkers 

Having been a coffee drinker for many years prior to starting Tealeaves eleven years ago, I have a little experience at switching and feeling healthier.

We are getting more and more customers who are keen to drink tea, some after having coffee at breakfast.Changing is not easy as you miss the caffeine level and the taste profile is not easy to find.

There are a few teas that have good caffeine levels that satisfy the taste buds such as:

Mayan Cocao (most popular), Caramel Nut and Tiramisu and Assam Leopards for the higher caffeine level.

ALSO to help the change over, we have developed four Tea to Coffee blends.  These come in a caddie as the coffee will separate to the bottom and needs to be shaken to get the equal blend. Available in the same tea flavors as above and now also available in a trial size (looks like a pill container?)

Tea Coffee both


Bumper/Window Car Decal


Show your love of tea and display a decal which we offer FREE!

Car decal Rev

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TeaMail: February 6, 2013

Box of ChocsValentines Tea Tasting with Chocolate

Saturday Feb 16th

2 pm

STILL 4 spots open

Enjoy 6 different chocolate truffles from Maroon Bells with 6 different teas PLUS share our huge delicious chocolate cake with a pot of tea of your choice AND a sample of the new

Tealeaves Valentine

$45 for two

Limited to 18

with 4 prebooked

 (Bill & Ed)

Free Pot of TEAIntroduce your friend(s) to the Tealeaves experience with the coupon below. Cut out or smart phone!

First time visitors only.

Join them and also get a free pot.

Free pot friend

Georgian Old Lady10 kilos of GOL from London has arrived. For those who did not view the video of this tea being picked and hand processed by the Old Lady, view the link below – Rob

GOL video

Valentine insert    

Perfect Gift?

“I love You” collector teapot that can be used!

- many bonus points here guys.

Only one and at

half price $47.50

I love you teapot

Call with credit card #

720 851 6099

Tea PartiesBook a party for five or more before the end of March, to be held by June 30th (excludes Mother’s Day, May 12th) and get one person FREE – link below

Password “FUN”

Party Types

720 851 6099

January 2013

Dear Tea Lover,

NEW TEAS – we are releasing  7 new teas  this Saturday and, as usual, we will give a 20% discount (both size bags) off these teas, or buy 3 different trial size for $6 (50% off) until the end of February. Password is “seven”  details below.

Join me to learn and taste these complimentary teas from 3 to 4 pm on Saturday Feb 9th.

PLUS a specially Cafe blended Valentine tea..

We are working on bringing in at least 3 high quality Oolongs from Taiwan before the end of February to replace Mountain & Jade. Also we have had requests for a caffeine free chocolate or caramel type tea and we are currently collecting samples to taste.

You may have noticed that we are no longer an Art gallery and we now have our own pictures and photos on the walls. Check out the back area as one wall is “English” and the other is info on tea that will be expanded.

The “giveaways” were a big success and we gave away 41 items as a thank you to our TeA-mailers. I think the “raffle” for the first 10 customers worked well?


Very rich, smooth, strawberry

chocolate almond flavor



Feb NEW 13



Bumper/Window Car Decal


We recently produced a decal for our car and Robin’s and thought some of you might like to have one to promote drinking tea. Let us know if you want a FREE one shown below.

Car decal Rev


18551 Mainstreet Parker CO 80134

720 851 6099 


 10 year logo - no back

Owners – Rob & Lynne Ridge

Manager – Robin Campbell

Rob’s e mail

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Georgian Old Lady Tea Video – Caucasus Tea Handpicked in Georgia (Country)

This is where our Georgian Old Lady tea comes from.

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